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               FireMagic!™ screensaver v2.5

Burning text: Burn your name, company, any words! Blaze your screen away like a paper sheet! Or even better :) Valentine's Day theme also available!

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   The fire usually attracts attention of the human eye. Everyone can remember the moments of sitting in the dark and watching the fire. Highly realistic animated flames licks your screen and burns your desktop... Flaming customizable text hovering in heat of flames... When your screen overheats enough, it's surface (with your work screen!) burns away like a newspaper put on fire... Many secondary 'magic' effects and tons of adjustable settings available in settings dialog.
   You can "paint" the fire with any color palette, set lists of displayed phrases, add fireworks, fireballs and sparkles, change fire appearance and adjust many other options.  You can also save your most likely settings to "Themes List".

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NOTE: FireSrorm customers registered before FireMagic's official release (05/02/2001)
are automatically obtains FireMagic registration for FREE! Just use same registration information and key in FireMagic!

   New features

  • New fire-blending algorithm with realtime dithering, makes color palette more accurate and smooth.
  • Password Protection.
  • Themes editor allows you to create and manipulate many settings combinations.
  • Several interesting themes are added by default. You can also use random theme every time when screensaver starts.
  • Burning Paper effect - Burns your screen like a newspaper put on fire!
  • Totally new comprehensive settings dialog will amaze you by wide choice of adjustable options. Play with fire and save results!
  • All HellFire's & FireStorm's features included.
  • Valentine's Day theme added
  • Awards:
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