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2002 firemagic
2000th firestorm
2000th hellfire

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Midas' Odyssey (puzzle set)

Midas puzzles set game


   Logical puzzle game with beautiful graphics, comics and legends of ancient world. Brain workout with set of several smart and addictive mini-games. Exercise your mind with more than 1000 unique levels. Find all comics scrolls about life in the world of the legendary ancient Greece.
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iFire ++ screensaver for iphone



   iFire ++ - Incredible realistic physical simulation of burning fire for iPhone®, iPad® and iPod Touch®. Fast and smooth flame animation interactive via multitouch gestures, accelerometers and gyroscopic sensors. Variable backgrounds, adjustable settings, stylish burning clock, and more special effetcts.
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3D Screensavers: Space Tour collection™

3D Space Tour cover (free downloadable screensavers)


   Extremely realistic and astronomically accurate smoothly animated 3D space scenes. Fly around planets, get carried away by beauty of cosmic sunsets. Earth clouds and thin Martian atmosphere looks like on the best NASA photos! Sun shine on the ocean surface, fog of thick earth atmosphere, Moon relief with real craters and mountains, rocky Martian moons (Phobos & Deimos), really eye-catching views of Saturn Rings.. 
and more, much more...

   It's useless to describe - just turn off the light in your room and get ready for a space tour!.  

   Current collection consists of several savers: Earth, Moon, Mars, Saturn, Jupiter 3D Space Tours and of course beautiful Galaxy

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fire screensavers
fire screensaver


Fire Screensavers collection™

   The fire usually attracts attention of the human eye. Everyone can remember the moments of sitting in the dark and watching the fire. Nothing can catch your eyes like a flames of burning fire. Highly realistic animated flames licks your screen and burns your desktop. Flaming text (customizable!) hovering in heat of flames...
   When your screen overheats enough, it's surface (with your work screen!) burns away like a newspaper put on fire.

This collection consists of three screensavers:

 2000th HellFire™ - light edition. Small, simple, fast...

 2000th FireStorm™ - Featured version with fire whirlwinds, customizable color palettes, and many settings.

 2002 FireMagic!™ - Ultimate fire screensaver with tons of adjustable settings, stunning unique special effects (like "paper-burn" and customizable burning text) new year, birthday, Valentine's Day (+ your own!) themes, etc... 

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Saturn 3D

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