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               2000th FireStorm Screensaver v2.5

(Millennium Edition)

  The fire usually attracts attention of the human eye. Everyone canremember the moments of sitting in the dark and watching the fire. It could be the best pleasure for a workingman to stay for a whilerecalling that sense.

   Fire Storm Screensaver animates a highly realistic fire imitationwith sparks, clouds and fireballs on the computer screen. The saver has a wide customization range with different additional effectsavailable. In this Christmas Edition there is a new effect of theburning "2003" digits which are slowly appear on the screen andthen turns into "2004" with a last zero's blast and finally explodeinto dozens of wonderful fireworks!

   New features

"Happy New Year" spectacle effect specially for 2004!
Advanced fire-generation algorithm with incredible flame whirlwinds.
Visual palette editor. Now you can use many color palettes and create or edit your own.
Explosion blasts sounds in addition to burning fire noise.
A lot of user-editable properties are available in complex settings dialog.
You can create & save your own fire themes using embedded profile editor.
All HellFire's effects included!




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