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                  Jupiter 3D Space Tour™ screensaver v1.0

    Fascinating 3D animated space flight near the largest planet within the solar system - Jupiter!
    Enormous “gas giant” planet is 315 times more massive than Earth. Jupiter deserves to term it a "failed star", although it would need to be some heavier to become a Second Sun. Numerous moons of Jupiter also makes it looks like small copy of the solar system. Jupiter is perpetually covered with mighty layer of clouds, and biggest tornados of the Earth are nothing in comparison with giant storms permanently raging on this planet. The largest of Jovian tornados is the Great Red Spot, a storm larger than Earth which still active during four centuries!

    Take a look at this beautiful cold gas giant with it's remarkable moons system and faint ring (Yes, just like Saturn, Jupiter also have icy ring, but very faint and almost invisible when we look edgeways from the Earth).

     Careful and realistic atmospheric animation is one of main features of this screensaver. Along with beautiful polar auroras, faint ring and other effects, amazing you during the orbital flight around this King of Planets.

   Each single frame of endless smooth animation is comparable with best NASA photos, so this screensaver can be also used for educational purposes in "demo" mode.

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Jupiter's Ring
3D Jupiter screensaver
Jovian Aurorae

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Solar eclipse from the orbit of Jupiter
screensaver configuration dialog

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Extremely realistic atmospheric animation! Storms, tordados, turbulence, "Great Red Spot" etc.
Unique ('know-how') rendering method avoids common 3D inaccuracy (like 'aliasing', etc.) and provide true photo-realistic image quality, keeping acceptable speed!
Amazing show of sunsets and sunrises from the orbit of Jupiter, atmospheric dawn shines.
Astronomically accurate 3D models with carefully adjusted colors, blur, atmospheric fogs and high-quality textures.
Endless camera trajectory will be new on each screensaver start.

"Demo Mode" allows you to run screensaver at any time as usual demo-program (useful for educational demonstrations) .

More than 9000 background stars are rendered with  real coordinates, brightness, and colors (spectral class)

Advanced configuration dialog is well integrated with other screensavers from our 3D Space Tour™ collection and has a Web-Update feature, makes you able to preview and download all new additions to this screensavers collection by one click!


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