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IC1848 + IC1805 The Heart and Soul Nebulas in Cassiopeia

IC 1848 and IC 1805 "Heart'n'Soul" Hydrogen emission nebulas in Cassiopeia
Optics  Jupiter 21M lens, (F=200mm 1:4.0)
Exposure Details 49 frames by 8 min. exposures, ISO800 (6 hours 30 min total exposition)
Mount EQ6 PRO SynScan
Camera/Guider Canon 350D (modified with Baader IR-cut filter.), Guider camera is QHY6 CCD.
Filter Baader UHC-S
Date Jul 13,2007 (date of final session)
Location From town center! (town with 300k population). Huge light pollution (4.0-4.5m visual limiting mag.)

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