Astrophotography Gallery (by Igor Chekalin). 3D Space screensavers.
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ESO's data processing

My processing by ESO's archive RAW data, made for "ESO's Hidden Treasures" contest 2010.
WFI camera on La Silla 2.2m MPG/ESO telescope, Cassegrain focus (F=8009mm).

Deep Sky objects
(My own astronimical photos. Galaxies, Nebulae, Star Clusters etc.)
Full images with detailed descriptions will be added soon. 
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Cygnus constellation H-alpha mosaic

Orion Nebula

NGC 2264, Cone Nebula

H-alpha Cygnus Mosaic

M42, Great Orion Nebula

NGC 2264, Cone and Fox Fur nebulaes

M31 - Andromeda Galaxy & satellites

NGC7000 & IC5070

IC 1848 Soul and IC 1805 Heart Nebulae

Andromeda Galaxy (M31)

NGC7000 (North America) and IC 5070(Pelican)

IC 1848 Soul & IC1805 Heart nebulae

Cygnus ngc7000 and other nebulae mosaic

Cygnus constellation's nebulas  mosaic

M8 (Lagoon Nebula)

M20 Trifid nebula

"h and chi" Persei Double star clusters

NGC 6960 Viel nebula

M13 Globular Stars Cluster

NGC 7023 Iris Nebula

NGC 7635 "Bubble nebula"

M57 Ring nebula

NGC 4565 Classic edge-on spiral galaxy

M81 & M82 Galaxies

Leo Trio (M65 M66 and NGC3628 galaxies)

M51 and NGC5195 galaxies

IC 5146 Cocon Nebula

NGC 2237 Rosette Nebula

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