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17P/Holmes comet explosion. Day 2.

Second day of brilliant and unique sight in Solar System! Weather was cloudy during the day, but presented a perfect gift in the evening - 2 almost cloudless hours. While the core still bright, coma grown from 11" up to 120". It's about 15 times smaller than visible Moon diameter, but large enought to reveal details. Coma still have extreme brightnes and looks very impressive even with small telescope. I've post-processed and adjusted this photo to make it as close as possible to my visual impressions (including the color of coma!).

17P/Holmes comet explode. Day 2.
Optics  Mizar TAL-1  (4.4" Newton F=800mm 1:7.3)
Exposure Details L-RGB composition of 100x1sec frames with cooled BW CCD (QHY6) and 28x4sec frames with Canon 350D @ iso100
Mount EQ6 PRO SynScan equatorial mount.
Camera/Guider Canon 350Da for color and QHY6 CCD for luminosity layers.
Filter none
Date Oct 25, 2007, 18:49(UTC)
Location Center of 300k pop. town.

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