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17P/Holmes comet outburst. Day 1.

Unique sight! Very faint comet suddenly brightened from magnitude ~17m up to brilliant 2.5m (for about one million times!), and became perfectly visible by unaided eye even in light-polluted cities. And by the happy coincidence, comet was in the coverage sector of my balcony! 8-) Weather conditions wasn't good, but i've successed to catch several openings in the clouds.

17P/Holmes comet outburst day 1.
Optics  Mizar TAL-1  (4.4" Newton F=800mm 1:7.3)
Exposure Details HDR commposition of three frames (15x1sec, 11x4sec and one 20-minutes expositions @ISO100). 20-min frame was autiguided by cometary core.
Mount EQ6 PRO SynScan equatorial mount.
Camera/Guider Canon 350D (modified with Baader IR-cut filter.), Guider camera is QHY6 CCD.
Filter none
Date Oct 24, 2007, 18:15(UTC)
Location Center of 300k pop. town.

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