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Color-enhanced Moon Mosaic

   We usually see the moon as a monochromatic planet only with releif and dark/bright surface details. But we can enhance low color contrast to reveal details, hidden from naked eye. Color hues still real on this image, while saturation was significantly strengthened. (Post-processing of such images is quite similar to hue/saturation adjusting tools in  image editors, but have some specificity)

   Color features represent real geological differences of regolith regolith compound. As example - bluish regions are rich of titanium, brown have vulcanic origin, orange are metal-poor regions etc.

Color Moon
Optics  Mizar TAL-1  (4.4" Newton F=800mm 1:7.3), NPZ 25mm Plossl eyepiece projection
Exposure/ Details Mosaic of 6 images. Each of them is a sum of 30 best from 90 frames.
Mount EQ6 PRO SynScan equatorial mount.
Camera/Guider Canon 350D DSLR
Filter none
Date Sep 15, 2006
Location Center of 300k pop. town.

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